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Welcome, we are Viveo.

We are an ecosystem of products and services, delivering agile, trustworthy, and innovative solutions to the sector.

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A Care Ecosystem

Our mission is to care for every life. From patients to healthcare professionals, from our team to our suppliers.

About Viveo

Caring for every life, plain and simple.

For Viveo, caring for every life means viewing every individual within our ecosystem from a humane, empathetic, and committed perspective. Plain and simple is our way of operating and enchanting those we interact with, simplifying the pathway to more accessible healthcare at every level of our chain.

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Our companies embody care at its best.

Discover all the health solutions united under the Viveo ecosystem.

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Care that goes further

We aim to extend our care to everyone, from our staff to the patients, reaching all healthcare professionals. To be and to provide solutions that are honest, efficient, and increasingly sustainable. That’s our approach to caring for every life, plain and simple.


Introducing a hassle-free and secure way to track your requests

Discover Customer Care, our efficient and secure platform designed to simplify inquiries for your institution.


Investors care too!

Get to know our initiatives, outcomes, and so much more. Visit our website