Duas pessoas se abraçado, simbolizando a fusão das duas empresas: Mafra e ViveoDuas pessoas se abraçado, simbolizando a fusão das duas empresas: Mafra e ViveoDuas pessoas se abraçado, simbolizando a fusão das duas empresas: Mafra e ViveoDuas pessoas se abraçado, simbolizando a fusão das duas empresas: Mafra e Viveo

My pleasure,
we are Viveo.

We are an ecosystem of products and services for the health sector. With companies specialized in each link of the chain, from manufacturing to patient delivery, we have the mission to simplify the market with agile, reliable and innovative solutions.

Caring for each life, simple as that.

We are an ecosystem that seeks to facilitate the access to health for all, through the integration and simplification of this segment. All of this with a purpose: to take care of every life, from the patient to the health professional, from the employee to the supplier..

About us

The ecosystem of solutions for the entire health chain, which was born with the mission to simplify the market.

We are an ecosystem specialized in care that looks at every life in a unique way, connecting all the links of the chain to simplify the health sector.

Founded in 1996, Viveo is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of materials and medicines for this segment with products and solutions for all of Brazil. With 100% national capital, we have our own fleet, more than 20 operational units and distribution centers in all regions of the country and approximately 3,500 direct employees.

With the purpose of caring for each life, we are the only company in Brazil that acts completely in the health market, from manufacturing until the final delivery to patients. These actions reinforce our commitment to offering reliable, agile and innovative solutions to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and wholesales. We seek to find and enable innovations that will define how to care for people of tomorrow.

To give life to the whole ecosystem, Viveo is composed of the companies Mafra Hospitalar,Pointmed, Tecno4, MedCare, BEMK, Tecnocold Vacinas, Diagnóstica Cremer, Byogene, Biogenetix, Vitalab, Apiajã, Laborsys, Macromed, Cremer, Flexicotton, FW, Daviso, Healthlog, Cirúrgica Mafra, Profarma Specialty, Boxifarma and Far.me and is the owner of well-known brands such as Cremer, Topz, Embramed and Salvelox.

At Viveo, we believe that:

integrity comes first.

The safety of every human being is a priority for us. As a reference group in the health sector, recognized by the legacy of quality, safety and compliance, this is a fundamental value in everything we do.

every life matters.

Our reason to exist is to take care of each life, and we look at every human being in a unique way: employee, supplier, customer and patient.

thinking in an integrated way strengthens us.

Our brands and the people work in a network, with connected and collective thinking to deliver complete solutions. We understand our role as agents in the world and we focus on sustainability.

simplifying is our way of being.

We know that for the health sector to become more effective and accessible, it is necessary to know our customers and partners deeply. Thus, we debureaucratize processes, value assertiveness and combine business models that facilitate access to health.

we build the future of health.

We know our role as builders of the future of health. This means having ever-evolving professionals and company, bringing innovations that will define the care of people in the future.

Our brands

Learn about all the health solutions that are together in the Viveo ecosystem.

Each brand with its specialty, united by the purpose of caring for each life. We connect all the links of the chain to offer agile solutions, facilitate processes and simplify the health sector.


For more than 85 years as a reference in quality, Cremer is one of the largest companies in Brazil in the manufacture and supply of first aid items, surgeries, treatment, hygiene and welfare

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Distributor of hospital materials and medicines, it is leader in the Brazilian market and pioneer of Viveo

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Specialized in health, it offers a platform of services and solutions that optimize the supply chain. With its own fleet and team, it reaches over 900 thousand km/month and deliveries throughout Brazil

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With state-of-the-art technology and rigor in all processes, it is leader in private label, offering personal care, protection, beauty and welfare products

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With an integrated multi-channel strategy into its own logistics operation, it serves the diagnostic medicine market nationally with a wide range of brands and products

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Daviso serves main national and international brands installed in Latin America and exports its products to more than 15 countries.

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FW is a company dedicated to the field of personal hygiene. Located in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, the company is specialized in the manufacture of Wet handkerchiefs and Wet Towels

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Accredited distributor of Roche Diagnóstica for the interior of the state of São Paulo, it offers services with quality and innovation, ensuring greater accuracy in the laboratory results of partners

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In the market for more than 20 years with great prominence in the areas of biochemistry, hematology, immunology, allergy, molecular biology and collection, it is an accredited distributor of Roche Diagnóstica for the greater São Paulo area, Alto do Tietê, Baixada Santista, Sorocaba and Rio de Janeiro

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For over 18 years working in the laboratory market, it is an accredited distributor of Roche Diagnóstica for the entire Federal District

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It is a company invested by Viveo, it is a pharmacy that simplifies the routine of patients who use drugs of continuous or punctual use

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Based in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, the startup is the first company in Latin America to provide automated unitarization pharmacotherapeutic services with a technology already used in Europe and the United States.

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Distributor of vaccines, it is a benchmark in reliability and quality with participation in more than 60% of the Brazilian private market

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Medcare is headquartered in Porto Alegre and has been present in the medical-hospital segment since 2001. It offers customers high-performance products and services, technology, and innovation, helping professionals from various health areas in choosing products and equipment.

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Tecno4 and Pointmed, headquartered in São Paulo, were founded in 2000 and 2006, respectively, and operate in the import and distribution of instruments and materials for medical, hospital, surgical and laboratory use through contracts with leading and reference manufacturers in the sectors of infection control, surgical center, anesthesia, material and sterilization center, apparel, wound management and point of care exams, among others.

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Apijã – Laboratory Products is a Roche distributor in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso and Tocantins.

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Founded in 1992, Macromed Produtos Hospitalares is a reference in the in vitro diagnostics market. We work with world-leading brands in order to guarantee fast, innovative and accurate solutions for this market.

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LaborSys started its activities in 1990 in the city of Curitiba, operating in the States of Paraná and Santa Catarina, selling diagnostic equipment, products and services for clinical analysis laboratories, hospitals and others.

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Profarma Specialty is a company that works in partnership with pharmaceutical industries offering integrated solutions in Distribution, Specialty Pharmacy and Patient Support.

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Care that goes beyond.

We want to take care of everyone, from employees to patients, going through all health professionals. To be and to offer integrated, efficient and more sustainable solutions. This is our way of taking care of each life, simple as that.

Our main objectives

By 2030, we will equalize the ratio of health professionals per 1.000 inhabitants in all regions of the country.

By 2030, we will guarantee 100% availability of PPEs in Brazil.

Our pillars of performance

  • Ethics and responsible management
  • Product quality
  • Sustainable purchasing

  • Development and well-being of employees
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Knowledge management and dissemination

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste

  • Sustainable logistics
  • Sector’s waste
  • Sustainable products

Social responsibility

Social action at Viveo aims to reinforce the purpose of caring for each life, supporting the development and well-being of its employees and the communities where it is present. Our focus is on supporting institutions and projects that promote the transformation of health in Brazil and drive human development and the benefit of society. For us, the ethical, safe and inclusive work environment is fundamental to the well-being and development of our employees, that is why we encourage:

  • diversity and creativity;
  • motivation, satisfaction, commitment and professional and personal development;
  • continuous improvement of working conditions for the well-being of employees;
  • inclusion and fight against discrimination in relation to gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, ethnicity and people with disabilities.

Taking care of each life is taking care of our society!

Environmental responsibility

We are all responsible for building the future. Industrial development and nature preservation go hand in hand with Viveo. Guided by this philosophy, we constantly seek solutions that put into practice the commitment and responsibility with the environment.


For Viveo, integrity comes first. That is why we have a solid compliance program that encompasses all the companies in our ecosystem.

Through our ethics channel, we are able to act with total transparency with our employees, customers and partners. Honesty and responsibility are fundamental factors in our performance in the health market, and they must be followed and encouraged everywhere, by each one of us.

We work with continuous improvements in our processes and undergo constant audits to ensure quality, safety and effectiveness of the services provided.

We follow a Code of Conduct, anti-corruption policy and a set of internal policies that guide each action taken.
This is Viveo’s way of taking care of each life, with ethics, transparency and integrity with everyone around it, simple as that!

Service channels available:

Call center

0800 721 9152

Our service for 0800 is from Monday to Friday, from 7am to 8pm. Outside these hours, leave a message on our voicemail service.


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You can also contact us on our electronic portal by clicking here.

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Compliance Helpline

Access Viveo’s Ethics Channel operated by Deloitte and register your report.

Talk to Viveo

At Viveo, you have an entire ecosystem of health solutions. So, we are at your disposal to answer questions, find integrated solutions and simplify your life!

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